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Just in case you were wondering if I fell off the coast of Hawaii, or into the mouth of a Great White, the good news is that I returned to Texas in one piece and in (relatively) sound mind. I’ve just been a bit busy around here and haven’t had a chance to putter in my kitchen.  When I started my blog, I used to wish so badly that the mainstream household had discovered this thing called the internet when I was a stay-at-home mom. Those were the days when I was trapped in suburbia and I admit that I spent way too much time watching Oprah and Phil during the kids nap time. What a waste of time, I thought to myself, I could have been blogging! I’ve now had a chance to realize the cold hard facts of that little daydream and what I’ve learned is that I can only keep up with my blog when my life is on cruise control and my mind isn’t on a million other things.

But life has settled down once again and I’m back to pester you with a vengeance. We had one serious car collision (eldest daughter – she is fine), one absolutely fabulous vacation to Hawaii (to visit youngest daughter), 3 birthday celebrations  (2 step-sons & eldest daughter – my youngest step-son turns 24 this Sunday) and one trip to Kansas (to pick up eldest daughters belongings from her totaled car – see previously mentioned car crash). Ah yes, it’s been action packed around here this spring and mama is ready to take a couple of deep breaths, roll up her sleeves and get back into the kitchen.

I’ve posted a couple of things of late. First of all, my dear brother sent me his Calzone recipe while I was on hiatus so my website wasn’t completely without something delicious to offer my readers.  I have to admit that I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people who have and it sounds like a winner. It’s on my list of things to try over the weekend.

I posted my favorite Summertime Pasta recipe for you this morning. I made it last night with some BBQ Chicken and it tasted so good. It inspired me to start digging out my summer favorites so get ready – I have some treasured recipes that have summer written all over them. There are vintage favorites of my Mom’s  like her Cold Cucumber & Onion Salad – it seems like she always had a bowl of that salad in her fridge  during the summer and I loved it with a passion. I also have new favorites that I’ve collected and devised over that past few years so stay tuned – there’s lots more coming.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy cooking everyone!


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