Pretzels & Cheese. A Perfect Combo.


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I didn’t spend much time in the kitchen at all last week. We had family in town and things were somewhat hectic at our house.  It was one of those weeks that you’d rather not do over again. Emotions were raw, everyone was functioning on auto-pilot and we felt lucky to get through each day in one piece. There was so much going on that we just couldn’t seem to sit down for a real dinner at home. I did manage to throw together some pizza’s one night and I made a grand total of four so I wasn’t a complete loser but I was definitely sick of take out food by the end of the week.  But we survived and I have to say that I have never been more proud of my eldest stepson. I love you Jonathan.

And then everyone went home, it was time to regroup and put things in order again! I made several trips to the grocery store. It was like a homecoming when I strolled through the doors of my Whole Foods. We had friends over for dinner Saturday night so I pulled some chard out of the garden, stuffed a pork loin and made Brigitte’s brocolli and cauliflower with sun dried tomatoes. I had almost forgotten what real food tasted like when it hit my stomach with a satisfying thunk!

But the grand prize for deliciousness goes to the Triple Cheese Steak Sandwiches on (homemade) Pretzel Buns. If you ever listen to one thing I say please listen to me on this one. This recipe, well two actually, is amazing. There’s nothing particularly redeeming about it health wise but the steak is very lean and you can certainly add more vegetables and cut back on the cheese if you’re trying to be virtuous. As for the pretzel buns? Don’t even try to make them behave. They are intended to be just as God made them. Soft, yeasty, salty and sinful. Yum!  Be sure to check out these recipes and don’t be intimidated by the bread recipe, it’s a snap if you have a Kitchenaid Mixer. Just put the ingredients in the bowl, attach the dough hook, turn the mixer on and follow the step by step instructions.

That’s as far as I got in two days. No rockin’ desserts this weekend but I have a bowl full of lemons that are calling my name and some ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned.

Please feel free to leave me comments on any and all of my recipes. I love to hear from all of you with questions and remarks on the dishes that you try. And absolutely nothing makes me happier than to hear that you made something that was a success. This is why I do what I do 🙂

Today we celebrate the Feast of St. Joseph and it is also the anniversary of my Mother’s death. There is irony in these two events falling on the same day because St. Joseph was my Mother’s favorite patron saint and she recited his prayer each and every day.  We simply could not believe that she managed to draw her last breath on the day that we celebrate the man himself but she always did have superior organization skills. The Prayer To St. Joseph was her personal “mantra” and my sister-in-law Michelle did a beautiful needlepoint of the prayer as a gift for my Mother not long after she married my brother. The needlepoint was framed and hung on my Mother’s bedroom wall. It lives in my office today and I’m looking at it now as I write this blog.  Catholics believe that if you pray to St. Joseph you will die a peaceful death and hers was a peaceful one indeed.

I love you Mom and I miss you each and every day.  You made a difference in every life you touched. We haven’t forgotten you and we never will. How could we? You were an original, a true lady in every sense of the word.

Have a great week everyone and happy cooking!


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