Happy Father’s Day!


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How are you going to celebrate the men in your life today? I’m guessing that my house isn’t that different from most others and that the celebration will definitely revolve around a delicious meal. I’m going to make some ribs using sun dried tomatoes, Roasted Potato Salad, Corn Casserole and a fresh Tomato Salad. Dessert? He hasn’t given me a solid answer as yet but I’ll give him some time, it’s still early and my husband doesn’t like to solve any type of issue until he’s fully awake and has had his coffee. I can tell you one thing, whatever he wants he shall get. Why? Because he is the best dad that I have ever met in my life, no doubt about it. This man rocks.

If you’ve read my family blog you know that my husband was a single father of 3 boys when we met back in 2002. The really amazing thing is that he became a  full time single father to those boys when they were just little bitty guys (Cody was just a toddler) and he was a bachelor until we married 17 years later.  So, although we started dating when the kids were younger, we didn’t marry until much later because everyone was doing just fine as single parents, myself included.  And although my step-sons will tell you that they loved it when their dad and I finally married, they also felt like they had the coolest childhood EVER. They lived in a bachelor pad with the most awesome dad on the planet – even if he was, in fact, a very strict parent.

These were not the little boys who went to school and got into all kinds of trouble because they came from a single parent home. No way, Jose.  They knew better than to play that card. They all knew that their Dad had RULES and he meant what he said and if you crossed the line you would have to face the consequences and that was never going to be pleasant so it didn’t happen often. 

But, most of the time, this home in which I now live was the best kind of place for a boy to grow up in because the four of them all understood each other perfectly. And there was love. Boy was there ever love. My husband always put the needs of those kids in front of his own and they knew it. That’s just the way it was and that is why these 3 grown up boys love this man so much that it hurts. They would walk through fire for him. It is simple, it is pure and it is real love.

David’s youngest son, Cody, is here this weekend and I casually asked him last night if he felt like he missed out on anything growing up in a single parent home and how he remembers his childhood now that he’s all grown up. Without a moment of hesitation he looked at me and said “I loved living here with my dad and my brothers…they were the best years of my life”. I’d say that’s the best testimony to a job well done.

Happy Father’s day to all the good Dads out there!


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