Family Portrait

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My husband David was a single father to Jonathan, Jason and Cody when we met each other in 2002.  I have 2 daughters, Jacque & Tori and so our blended family totals 7 – although all of the kids are grown now and we’ve been left to putter around a very quiet, blissfully peaceful, empty nest. When we married in 2007  David was lucky enough to acquire my chihuahua Pancho. Boy did he hit the jackpot! Sadly, he soon discovered that Pancho was still not housebroken.  At that point my quite logical husband decided that we needed a “real dog” who could help Pancho discover his true canine potential. And so, we rescued Hannah, a 3 year old blue heeler who had enough bad habits of her own to land her in the jail in which we found her.  Her adoption proved to be one of the smartest moves we’ve ever made as she has been rehabilitated into one of the most loving and loyal dogs that God ever made. She is the World’s Best Dog. I have to admit that she hasn’t been completely successful in her efforts to teach Pancho better house manners but because of Hannah, our Pancho is definitely a better dog and we are one  lucky family.

Speaking of blessings, marrying the man in this photo was one of the most brilliant things I’ve ever done.  My husband has shown me that I can expect, and more importantly that I deserve, the kind of trust, loyalty and mutual respect that I cherish in our marriage.  When my husband makes a promise he means it and he keeps it. There are no exceptions to the rule.

David has a tendency to be shy and rather introverted while I’ll talk to just about anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.  He’s a steady force when the winds of my emotions blow through our house at warp speed.  Just ask him how many times I threw up my hands with frustration over this website!  He is the ying to my yang and we balance each other out to perfection. He’s my faithful taste tester,  my biggest supporter in all things and my very best friend. With him I feel that I am truly home.

Thank you baby for all the hard work you put into my website. I love you.

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  1. Renee Vest says:

    I am so very happy that you two found your other halves! I wish you great success on your website can’t wait to get some great recipes!


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